How to Install your Desktop Wallpaper

After hitting the DOWNLOAD button for your desktop wallpaper, one of two things will happen (device dependent):

(1) A new page will open in your browser so you can save your wallpaper on your device. If this happens, right-click to bring up a menu, select SAVE IMAGE AS, then decide where you want to save it. Typically, this will be your device's DOWNLOADS folder.

(2) Instead, your device may automatically save your wallpaper in your DOWNLOADS folder.

Either way, you should now head on over to your DOWNLOADS folder (see guidance below if you don't know where that is)...

From here, there are a couple of ways to get your wallpaper image to show up on your desktop screen. In most cases, the following method is the quickest & easiest for Windows 10 & Mac, so we’ll run through that first…

Windows 10
• Right-click your wallpaper image.
• Select Set as desktop background.

• Right-click or CTRL-click your wallpaper image.
• Hover over Share.
• Click Set Desktop Picture.


Our wallpaper is designed with all screen sizes in mind. The rectangular shape of the image you’ve downloaded is perfect for popular widescreens. However, the careful design means that, even on squarer screens, the main image content is perfectly placed when in the default Fill screen mode.

If you wish to play around with the settings (e.g. switch to Fit mode to showcase the whole of the rectangular wallpaper image on a squarer screen, or perhaps create a slideshow featuring several images), check out our bonus tips below for help with that as well as what to do if the above steps didn’t work for you.

Bonus Tips

CTRL-click a link below to open up the articles & videos in a new window. They’ll walk you through the steps for both Windows & Mac if the quick method doesn’t work for you or if you want to learn more:

Change Your Desktop Background in Windows

Change Your Background Image on a Mac

Where Are My Downloads on Windows? (Also helps to locate them if they’re not in the usual place.)

How to Find Downloaded Files in Mac OS X

Set Up an Image Slideshow in Windows 10

Create a Desktop Slideshow Background (Mac)

These videos & info should guide you through the whole process. And when you’ve done it once or twice, it gets a whole lot easier! I’ve also found Google and YouTube to be very helpful in finding solutions when I’m stuck.

Should you be struggling despite working your way through the above, please get in touch via our Contact page (link in the footer). I’m no tech expert, but I’ll do what I can to help.

I hope you’ll get much pleasure from your new wallpaper, and if you’re looking for that little extra something to transform your workspace, remember to check out our matching merch.

Meanwhile, all the best!

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