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Right now, all our stock is available on Zazzle, but plans are afoot to bring you notebooks and reading journals (tracking logs) on Amazon at a later date.

Check out the current line-up on

Zazzle US, UK, Canada, Australia & NZ

(For other countries, click on any link & change the domain tag to your own.)

* Customize your Books *

One of the beauties of shopping on Zazzle is that you can customize many of their products. So, did you know...?

  • You have soft & hardcover options.
  • You can change the interior. Pick from wide/college-ruled, blank for sketching, graph for math, recipe format and more.


We no longer create bespoke planners or recipe books - or, indeed, journals - on ZAZZLE.

We can make a single notebook and YOU can customize it yourself to suit YOUR needs.

Change the interior to a planner or recipe book, for instance.

And if the cover reads "Stephanie's Notebook", you can change ALL of that text - the name as well as type of book!

Bespoke Planners & Recipe Books

Before we cottoned on to how great this customization thing was, we created bespoke planners and recipe books (ie non-customizable). These are still available, and you can check them out here...


Zazzle US, UK, Canada, Australia & NZ

Recipe Books

Zazzle US, UK, Canada, Australia & NZ

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