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Our desktop wallpapers, organizers and matching icons have been created especially with book lovers in mind.

Each wallpaper has a different book lover theme, and our folder icons are created to beautifully harmonize - thus giving a more pleasing & seamless look than regular desktop icons and allowing you to create a truly bookish workspace.

Quite frankly, we don't know of any product out there that compares (if you hear of any, let us know!).

All wallpapers can be purchased direct on this site. Check out our themes below. If nothing tickles your fancy, stay tuned, because there are

more designs coming!

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Mugs for Book Lovers #booklover #bibliophile #bookaholic

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šŸ“‚ Desktop Folder Icons

As mentioned, our icons were originally designed to harmonize with our wallpapers. And if you add ANY to your cart, we'll offer you a set of matching folder icons... Absolutely FREE!

However, if you decide you'd like to buy our icon packs separately, our current stock is listed below...